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Family Law

Divorce, disputes regarding custody or welfare of children, guardianship and adoption can cause enormous emotional strain. When your family or family members are faced with such matters, you need qualified representation by attorneys who will not only provide competent and skillful representation but who will also provide you good counsel and advice. In short, when you are faced with a very serious family crisis, you need a law firm upon whom you can rely so that you can focus on your family rather than the legal matters.

We Handle the Complete Range of Family Law Matters Including:

  • Dissolution

  • Child custody

  • Division of marital and non-marital property

  • Adoption

  • Complaints of abuse or neglect of children

  • Conservatorship and guardianship

Our Commitment to You

While life is full of uncertainty and we can never guarantee the eventual outcome in family law matters, we can and do commit to provide skillful advice and representation and that we will fight for you. Your greatest asset in life is your family and your single most important investment is in your children’s welfare. When your relationship with your family and your children is threatened or is in need of repair, we hope you will trust and rely upon us.


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